2-year-old named after dumbbell mascot is a hit with fans

DUCKBELTS, N.J. — Two years ago, a two-year old named Tootie started posting videos of himself lifting dumbbell and dumbbell accessories on Instagram and Twitter.

The tweets have become so popular that Tooties mom, Amanda, said Tooty is now an Instagram celebrity.

“It’s hard to get kids to like your business and I think it’s because of the way he talks and what he does,” Amanda said.

“He loves playing with toys and he loves doing what he loves.

It’s kind of like a second home.

He’s always looking to do something new, something fun.”

Tootie is an all-American, which means he is the first kid to be inducted into the United States Basketball Hall of Fame.

He has earned the nickname “The Dumbbell Wizard” because he’s the only one who can actually lift a dumbbell.

“They like it,” Amanda added.

“When they see me lifting a dumbler, they like me.

It is cool.

And we’ve even gotten a little bit of a follow-up because Toot’s been lifting.”

Toots popularity is part of a trend for kids to be a part of social media.

I think it could be something like a stuffed animal or something that you could make a little doll out of.””

I think that it’s very important to have something in the household that’s kind, that’s cute, and that can connect with kids.

I think it could be something like a stuffed animal or something that you could make a little doll out of.”

Toys, even stuffed animals, are becoming a part and parcel of the world of children.

With toys and other things that kids like, it’s no wonder that parents want to create their own.

Tooty has the opportunity to become a part to create an Instagram account for Toot and his family.

The family will also be able to upload Toot videos to their Instagram and social media accounts.

“The biggest thing I think we want to do is to do a big video with him that we would all be proud to be part of,” Amanda says.

“We want to make him look like a hero, and we want people to look up to him and have that same admiration that we have for him.”

“Toot” will also receive the endorsement of his favorite toy company.

If you want to find out more about the Toot video, check out this interview with Amanda.

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