Olympic dumbbells, barbells get a new look in 2016

By Tom Hickey and Peter Muhlestein | Vice NewsWith Olympic weightlifting events set to resume in 2016, a new range of dumbbell and barbell accessories has come into fashion in a bid to help the athletes with an array of different abilities.

While the Olympic sport of weightlifting is the world’s oldest and most successful, the sport has faced many challenges and challenges in the last decade.

A major challenge has been the growing popularity of technology, which has allowed for improved training environments, improved nutrition, and even added new equipment.

The most notable addition to the Olympic weightlifter arsenal has been a new generation of dumbbills and barbows with adjustable handles.

The new dumbbell grips are designed to provide greater flexibility and flexibility in the hands.

The bars are designed with an improved grip that allows for easier gripping and a lower weight capacity.

“The new dumbbins are the latest addition to our Olympic weight training arsenal, which includes the Olympic barbell, Olympic dumbbar, and Olympic dumblogger.

The two are designed in an effort to offer athletes an even wider range of options and abilities in order to prepare for the 2016 Games,” said Matt Hough, president of The New Balance Co. and the company’s performance division.

“These products are meant to help enhance Olympic lifters’ performance and to support their recovery.”

For the new dumbweights, New Balance created the Olympic Dumbbell Grips, a combination of a barbell and a pair of dumbloggers, with adjustable grips that can accommodate a wide range of athletes, from weightlifters to rowers.

The company also offers a variety of barbell grips for athletes of all levels, including barbell dumbbell, bar, dumbbell handle, and bar/dumblogger combination.

These bars are also available in various weights and capacities, ranging from the 1.5-pound barbell to the 7.5 pound barbell.

The Olympic Dumbbar and Olympic Barbell Gripe have adjustable handles for use with weightlifting weights, while the Olympic Bar and Olympic Dumblogger have adjustable grips for use in Olympic weight lifting.

The Olympic Bar is the heaviest weight bar, with a 5-pound weight capacity, while Olympic Barlogger is the lightest weight bar with a 4.5 ounce weight capacity for the weightlifting portion of the program.

The new bars also come with a new ergonomic handle, which allows for greater grip and flexibility for athletes.

The handles also have the ability to have a range of weights, from 5-foot barbell with a weight of 10 ounces to a bar with an additional 1.25-pound capacity.

The barbell is designed to be adjustable, meaning it can be used with different weight training programs.

These new dumbbar and barbar grips are also compatible with a variety-of-weights training programs, including the Olympic Weightlifting, the Powerlifting, and the Deadlift.

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