Ironmaster adjustable-weight dumbbell kicksback review

The Ironmaster’s adjustable dumbells have been a popular addition to the gym for a while now, and while it’s not quite a full dumbbell system, it’s certainly a solid addition to your weightlifting arsenal.

The downside is the $80 price tag, but if you’re looking for a simple, cheap option for beginners or those looking for something a little more challenging then you may be in luck. 

Ironmaster adjustable weights have a good amount of resistance at the start and end of the set, and they’re good for some low rep work. 

The biggest drawback of the Ironmaster, however, is the price tag.

You can get the set for $70 on Amazon, but Ironmaster has a $180 minimum order for you to get a set. 

When ordering on Amazon you can pick the dumbbell size you’d like and the weight you’d prefer.

Ironmaster Adjustable Weight Dumbbells can be ordered on Amazon or online for $70.

Ironmaster Adjustables are sold in a variety of sizes, from 10lb to 20lb.

The most common sizes range from 11-12.5lb, depending on the dumbells weight. 

For more information on the Ironmatt adjustable dumbell, visit the company’s website or the company’s website. 

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