Canadian TV show is the new hit

Canadian TV comedy Dumbbell Cartoon has become a hit in the United States.

Now it has a new home in the U.S., where it is also being produced for U.K. television.

A trailer for the show has been posted on YouTube.

It shows a young couple in a bar discussing the merits of a new sport, Dumbbell Boxing, and the need for people to do something about the obesity epidemic.

In the video, the wife is seen sitting on the couch, laughing while her husband discusses the sport.

“We can’t go anywhere without our dumbbells, can we?” he asks.

“I think we’re better off in a wheelchair.”

“I mean, that’s kind of the point,” she says.

“If you’re not working, then you don’t have the opportunity to exercise.

But when you do have the chance, you have to.”

It’s a common theme in the video.

The husband says he would like to get his own dumbbell, but that he needs to start working out.

He says the idea of getting a dumbbell has been around for some time.

“People were really obsessed with it,” he says.

They have a dumb, dumbbell on a table.

“You can have a pair of dumbbell trainers on the street, and people will take them to work and they’ll put them on their desk and they won’t know what to do with them.”

Dumbbell cartoons have become an easy target for critics, and they often get a bad review.

But they have been a success in the States, too.

The U.k. version is in production.

It’s set in the 1950s, and is set in a world where the average person can’t even afford a pair or two of shoes.

A family tries to keep their home and farm afloat by building a house from scrap materials.

There are also two sisters, one a nurse, the other a nurse.

There is a dog.

The main character is an overweight, dumbfounded woman.

She struggles to find a way to make ends meet and is constantly on the lookout for help.

She also has a boyfriend, and she is very much a mystery to everyone.

The show was filmed in the US, and it was shot at the studios of U.P. Pictures, which produces the show, and a company called Cartoon Network.

The producers of Dumbbell say the show is not a direct rip-off of the popular television show, but a parody of what would happen if the show was to air.

“In our world, it’s almost like, ‘OK, now we know the rules, we can do whatever we want,’ ” said Brian Gorman, the executive producer of Dumbbrands Dumbbell.

“This is a show where we have to keep the rules in place.

The rules are that we can’t buy the same dumbbell twice.

We can’t make the same stupid move.

But we can have our dumb, stupid dumbbell and make the dumb dumbbell.”

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