4 dumbbell lat sets for beginner,intermediate,advanced lifters

5 pound dumbels.

These dumbbell sets are meant to be used for beginners and intermediate lifters.

This is a 5 lb dumbel set.

You’re supposed to lift 5 pounds on each side.

You want to do 3 reps of each set, with no rest.

Here are the dumbbell Lat exercises for beginners,intermediates, and advanced lifters: 1 x 5lb dumbbell press.

Use a dumbbell that’s about the same weight as your hips and shoulders.

1x 10lb dumbell squat.

Squat for about 10 seconds, then jump back to the starting position.

Repeat for 5 reps.

2 x 5 lb weighted dips.

Hold your feet flat on the floor and lower your body forward so your shoulders and hips are in line. 

3 x 10lb weighted dips (or deadlifts). 

4 x 10 lb weighted squats. 

Stand with your feet on the ground and lower yourself to the top of your squat. 

Hold for 10 seconds.

Repeat 5 times.

5 x 10 pound dumbells (or dumbbell rows). 

Hold the weight in front of you with your palms facing down. 

Punch your arms overhead for 3 seconds, repeat for 3 reps. 

6 x 10lbs weighted dips, or deadlift. 

Use the same dumbbell you used to squat for each set.

7 x 10 lbs weighted dips or deadlift. 

Start by lifting a weight with the palms facing up.

Hold it there for 3-5 seconds. 

Then repeat the motion for 3 more reps.

Repeat 3 more times for the same amount of weight.

8 x 10 reps with a dumbell or dumbbell bench press. 

Place the dumbell on the bench, with the feet about shoulder width apart. 

Pull your arms toward your chest, then straighten your arms, then lower your torso. 

Do 4-5 reps for each side and hold the dumbells for 10-15 seconds.

9 x 10 with a 10lb or 20lb dumbel. 

Lie flat on your back with your legs straight.

Keep your hips as far back as you can without bending your knees. 

Lower yourself to a horizontal position, keeping your elbows at your sides and the front of your shoulders at your chest. 

Keep your arms straight. 

Take a deep breath in and exhale out slowly. 

Repeat 10-20 times.

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